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Proxied Online Databases: Humanities

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America’s Historical Newspapers (1690-2000) -- [Full Text | NewsBank] 

Includes hundreds of primary source historical U.S. newspapers published between 1690 and the 20th Century.  Features the complete content of each issues, including news stories, illustrations. advertisements, cartoons and much more. Students can explore virtually every aspect of American history, culture and daily life from the Colonial Era, the Revolutionary War, westward expansion, the Civil War, Reconstruction, industrialization, the Progressive Era, World War I, Vietnam War, the Great Depression, World War II, roaring Twenties and more.

Black Life in America -- [Full Text | NewsBank] 

The experience and impact of African Americans as recorded by the news media. Sourced from nearly 20,000 American and global newspaper sources from 1704 to current and updated daily.

Credo Video Collection -- [Videos | Credo] 

A collection of video segments on various topics such as anatomy, art history, biology, food and cooking, medicine, political leaders, and National Geographic videos covering a range of disciplines including astronomy, anthropology, atmospheric science, botany, chemistry, geography, zoology and more.

Fold3 by Ancestry -- [Full text | ProQuest] *NEW*

Collections of original military records. These records include the stories, photos, and personal documents of the men and women who served in the military.

HeritageQuest -- [Full text | ProQuest]

Includes genealogical and local history materials for tracing family lineages and American culture, beginning with the 13 original colonies. Contains information from towns and families of all 50 states as well as Canada, England, and Ireland. Search by title, family name geographic area, or subject. Includes searchable U.S. Census images from 1790 to 1940, genealogical reference books, Revolutionary-War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant application files, and Freedman's Bank (1865-1874 - African-American) records.

Hispanic Life in America -- [Full Text | NewsBank] 

The experience and impact of Hispanic Americans as recorded by the news media. Sourced from nearly 17,500 American and global newspaper sources, including many in Spanish.  Updated daily, 1704 to current.

Humanities Full Text -- [Full Text | Ebsco]

Includes many of the most important academic journals in the humanities with the full text of articles from over 300 periodicals dating back to 1995, and high-quality indexing for almost 700 journals - of which 470 are peer-reviewed - dating as far back as 1984.

JSTOR Archival Journal & Primary Source Collection  -- [Full Text |JSTOR] 

Includes all 2,800+ academic journals on JSTOR that span more than 60 disciplines across the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, along with millions of primary sources across four collections.

Religion & Philosophy Collection -- [Full Text | Ebsco] 

Provides extensive coverage of topics such as world religions, major denominations, biblical studies, religious history, epistemology, political philosophy, philosophy of language, moral philosophy and the history of philosophy. Includes more than 300 full text journals, of which more than 250 are peer-reviewed titles.


Updated: October 10, 2023

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