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El Paso Resources and Service Learning Agencies: Author

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Searching by Author

Searching the catalog by Author, looks for resources that have been written by a particular person.

Put the authors name in the search box: Last Name, First Name or just the Last Name.

A listing of authors with that name will be retrieved.  Click on the correct author's name.

Any books written by that author and that are owned by the EPCC libraries will be listed.

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Step by Step Author Searching

To search for books and videos using the author's name:

  1. Go to the Library Catalog.
  2. Click on Author.
  3. Enter the author's last name or last name, first name
  4. A listing of author's matching those names will be retrieved.
  5. Click on the correct author's name.
  6. A listing of books written by that author and owned at the EPCC libraries will be retrieved.
  7. Click on the title of the book you would like to see.

Author Suggestions

If you know the author of a career book you would like to read, use an author search to find books written by that person:

Some authors of career books include:

  • Morales, Fred
  • Garcia, Mario T.
  • Romo, David
  • Fye, Sandra

Historic El Paso

Policeman and motorcycle

El Paso Policeman and Harley Davidson Motorcycle (c. 1918)  

(El Paso Public Library: Otis A. Aultman photo collection A5282)


If you don't know an author's first name or how to spell it, just search by the last name.

If you don't know how to spell an Author's last name, use a title search to look for a book you know they have written.  Then you can check how the name is spelled.

If those suggestions don't work, ask for help!

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