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El Paso Resources and Service Learning Agencies: APA Citation Style

This LibGuide will help you learn about the El Paso Community, EPCC Library resources, and community resources

Citing Book Sources

Book by a Single Author:

Haines, C. F. (2006). Showtime!: From opera houses to picture palaces in 

      El Paso
. El Paso, Tex: Texas Western Press.

Book by Two to Seven Authors:

Kearney, M., & Knopp, A. K. (1995). Border cuates: A history of the 

      U.S.-Mexican twin cities
. Austin, Tex: Eakin Press.

An Article in a Reference Book

Tyler, R. C., Barnett, D. E., Barkley, R. R., & Texas State Historical Association.

      (1996). The new handbook of Texas. Austin: Texas State

      Historical Association.

Newspaper Article

Washington-Valdez, D. (2012, May 21). Cosecha de mujeres. 

       El Paso Times, pp. A1. 

Published Interview
Murphy, C. (2007, June 22). As the Romans did (Interview by G. Hahn).

      Retrieved from


Metz, L. C., Polk, J. H., Six Guns and Shady Ladies., & Capstone Productions, 

      Inc. (2004). Gunfights of the Old West. El Paso, Tex: Capstone Productions.


Austerman, W. R. (1985). Sharps Rifles and Spanish Mules : The San 

      Antonio--El Paso Mail, 1851-1881
. Texas A&M University Press. 

      Retrieved from



Citing Online Articles

Online Interview

Butler, C. (Interviewer) & Stevenson, R. (Interviewee). (1999). Oral History 2 

      [Interview transcript]. Retrieved from Johnson Space Center 

      Oral Histories Project Web site:


Online Newspaper Article

Brody, J. E. (2007, December 11). Mental reserves keep brain agile. 

      The El Paso Times. Retrieved from

Citing Websites

Online reference work

Swain, C.M. (2004). Sociology of affirmative action. In N.J. Smelser & P.B. Baltes

       (Eds), International encyclopedi of the social and behavioral sciences. 

        Retrieved from 

Section in a Web document 

National Institutute on Media and the Family. (2009). Mobile networking. In 

         Guide to social networking: Risks.
Retrieved from


Historic El Paso

El Paso Street

El Paso Street (c. 1882)

(El Paso Public Library: Otis A. Aultman photo collection A0269)



Some quick hints about APA citations:

Authors names are Last Name, First and Middle Initials. Do not use the whole first or middle name.

Only the first letter or proper names in the title of the item is capitalized.  You also capitalize the first letter that occurs after punctuation such as a colon, question mark or exclamation point in the title.

If the book has an editor rather than an author, put (Ed.) after the author's name.

Italicize titles.

If the citation is more than one line, indent the rest of the lines.

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