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El Paso Resources and Service Learning Agencies: Websites

This LibGuide will help you learn about the El Paso Community, EPCC Library resources, and community resources

Search Suggestions for Websites

If you don't find what you need on one of the career resources websites provided, try using google.

Go to

  • Enter your keywords in the search box.
  • Add site: and then either .gov .edu .org or .mil to help you find reputable websites.
  • Example:  Nutrition


Searching for Websites

The Internet has a lot of great resources.  It is important, however, to evaluate the website to make sure it has reliable information before using it in your paper.



Who is the author of the website?  Do they have a degree in the topic they are writing about?  Who are they affiliated with?  

(Look for author name, “about us,” “who we are,” etc… for this information)



How old is the information?  Has it been updated recently? (Look for the publication date)



Is the information biased?  Are they taking a side of the issue and trying to push their opinion or trying to sell you something?  Is it fact or opinion?  It is important to use unbiased sources for informational papers. 



Is the topic fully covered? What is the purpose of the webpage?  Did they author state where they got the information?



Lastly, do not use Wikipedia as a source for your academic papers.  Most instructors will not allow it to be used because it is not always accurate and may not have reputable authors.

El Paso and Local Area Websites

Border / Frontera:     U.S. Mexico Borderlands / Frontera  

U.S. Mexico Border Health Commission

El Paso:     El Paso Profile         El Paso TSHA            El Paso ISD

El Paso City Government

El Paso County Government     El Paso County Profile     EP County QuickFacts

Canutillo, TX:     Canutillo Profile     Canutillo TSHA       Canutillo ISD

Fort Bliss, TX:   Fort Bliss Profile     Fort Bliss Website     Fort Bliss TSHA

Fabens:       Fabens Profile       Fabens ISD

Clint:            Clint Government         Clint Profile           Clint I.S,.D.

San Elizario:      San Elizario Profile         San Elizario ISD

Anthony, TX:          Anthony, TX Profile         .  Anthony I.S.D.          Town of Anthony

Dell City, TX:      Dell City Profile       About Dell City         Dell City I.S.D.   

Fort Hancock:    Fort Hancock Profile      Fort Hancock TSHA      Fort Hancock ISD

Horizon City, TX    Horizon City Profile         Clint I.S,.D.

Smeltertown, TX:     Smeltertown, TSHA     Smeltertown Death Records                        Smeltertown Cemetery

Socorro, TX          Socorro Profile         Socorro TSHA      Socorro ISD

Tornillo, TX:         Tornillo Profile         Tornillo TSHA         Tornillo ISD

Van Horn, TX:   Van Horn Profile        Van Horn Chamber of Com   Van Horn History

Vinton, TX:        Vinton, TX Profile       Village of Vinton       Vinton, TX History

Ysleta, TX:           Ysleta TSHA           Ysleta ISD

Sunland Park, NM:       Sunland Park Profile      City of Sunland Park    Gadsden ISD

Anthony, NM:     Anthony, NM Profile         City of Anthony, NM

Las Cruces, NM:    City of Las Cruces      Las Cruces Profile      Las Cruces ISD     

Juárez, MX:      Juárez      Juárez Archives TSHA         Ciudad Juárez (Wikipedia)


Historic El Paso

El Paso Federal Buildin

El Paso Federal Building 1892-1936. Housed the US Post Office, US Customs, US District Court, and the US Weather Bureau.

(El Paso Public Library: Otis A. Aultman photo collection A5021)

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