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Frontera: Women in Journalism & Writing

Centralized guide to all EPCC's local history publications, videos and guides and sources for local history topics

Women in Journalism and Writing

Casas, Estela  longtime TV journalist , then public figure on governing boards of organizations, now back at KTSM in 2023

See Poets/Short Story Authors --   Dramatists/Screenwriters --   Nonfiction Writers --   Novelists on our Literary Topics page.

Davis, Mary Margaret.  Pioneer El Paso times journalist and author of El Paso's social history

De Wetter, Margaret "Mardee"  artist, writer, civic leader, philanthropist and granddaughter of pioneer 

Deuell, Henrietta (pseud Peggy Hull) first accredited woman war correspondent who got her start in El Paso during the Mexican Revolution.

Gundersen, Edna  Journalist and longtime music writer for USA Today

Hamilton, Nancy  journalist/educational public ralations/ nonfiction author

Silva, Guadalupe  veteran El Paso Times reporter, feature writer and member of the editorial board

Turner, Virginia  El Paso Newspaper reporter from Lower Valley 

Valdez, Diana Washington groundbreaking report on the Juarez femicides

Villalobos, Robbie Myrick journalist and actress and politico, 1954-2004.  Cofounded El Paso Association of Hispanic Journalists.  Check El Paso Times database and for articles on her.

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