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Frontera: Business in El Paso

Centralized guide to all EPCC's local history publications, videos and guides and sources for local history topics

Border Tobacco

Ayoub, Zacchia Jabalie Syrian Lebanese. Built Border Tobacco in 1930  
see Businesswomen/Entrepreneurs 

Brave Books

Brave Books, owned by Laurie and Jud Burgess,  aims to improve the city’s literacy rates.  1307 Arizona in the Rio Grande Historic District.  

Breweries in El Paso

Chapters from Bill Lockhart's book Breweries and Beer Bottles at El Paso, Texas (2012) on the page Historic Bottle Related Links (see link)  Includes chapters on the brewery industry including multiple chapters on Harry Mitchell. 

CF Jordan/Jordan Foster Contruction

Cortez Hotel

Cortez Hotel / Alzina (Mama De) Orndorff (Pioneer owner) 
see Businesswomen/Entrepreneurs 


Chapters from Bill Lockhart's book El Paso Prescription Bottles, The Drug Stores That Used Them and Other Non-Beverage Bottles (2015)

Fountains at Farah

Fred Loya Insurance

Loya Insurance, started in 1974 and ranked high in list of Hispanic Top 500 Owned and Operated businesses

Fox Plaza

Suggestion:  Look for newspaper articles in our historical database and also research some of the larger stores/names associated with the plaza.  Interview people who can speak to its importance in the community.  Research the Flea Market which is featured in several Texas Highways issues as a highlight of a place to visit. etc. 

Kress sources

Peyton Packing

Phelps Dodge Corp (Nichols Copper Co.)

Western Playland

Western Playland/Leo Hines co-founder / Thomson Patrick president

Wyler Tramway

See Karl Wyler, Broadcaster in Businessmen/Entrepreneurs

Research tips

Note details that might seem insignificant at first glance, in case one finds other information later.

Women's information is often found through researching the men in their lives (i.e. husband, fathers, etc.) so the notes here might only state that Mrs. X was married to Mr. X who was important for some reason, but in researching him, there might be information about his wife found later.

Research full text of local newspaper articles back to 1881 in this database available to EPCC users and in person in EPCC Libraries: 


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