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Frontera: Civil Rights in El Paso

Centralized guide to all EPCC's local history publications, videos and guides and sources for local history topics

Civil Rights

1916 Race Riot  see also Military on the Border for preceding event:  San Ysabel Massacre

1936 Walkout in El Paso

African American History in El Paso area

American Civil Liberties Union 

See Women in Law and Law Enforcement for information on founders: Melvin Strauss,  Ruth Kern and John Karr.

Annunciation House / Ruben Garcia 

Per UTEP Special Collections librarians:  There may be material in the Border Rights Coalition records or in the Kathleen Staudt papers. Call ahead to tell them you are coming to research this topic so they can maybe have materials ready.  (915) 747-5697

Border AIDS Partnership (part of El Paso Community Foundation)  see Women Activists under Moreno

Border Rights Coalition

Chicano Movement (1960s-1970s) 

includes these groups:  MAYA (Mexican American Youth Association), MAPA (Mexican Americans for Progressive Action), La Alianza and local group of MECha (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán)

El Paso Interreligious Sponsoring Organization (EPISO) / Border Interfaith community organization that works across religious, racial, ethnic, economic, generational and neighborhood lines for the good of the whole community.

Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center

League of Latin American Citizens (LULAC)

La Mujer Obrera / Centro de Obrero Fronterizo / Cecilia Rodriguez

NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) El Paso

see also L.W. Washington (founder of El Paso NAACP)  in Male Activists

Project BRAVO and Project MACHOS / Jose Aguilar --anti poverty group and activist.  Award winning director of many social service organizations. 

Women's Political Caucus

Research tips

Note details that might seem insignificant at first glance, in case one finds other information later.

Women's information is often found through researching the men in their lives (i.e. husband, fathers, etc.) so the notes here might only state that Mrs. X was married to Mr. X who was important for some reason, but in researching him, there might be information about his wife found later.

Research full text of local newspaper articles back to 1881 in this database available to EPCC users and in person in EPCC Libraries: 


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