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Betwixt and Between: Liminality in El Paso, TX and Colonia Juarez, MX: Home

Resources pertaining to the Mormon Colonies in Colonia Juarez Mexico and the United States

National Endowment for the Humanities Common Heritage Grant

Project Description: Creation of a digital archive to document descendants of the Colonia Juarez settlement living in the El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico, area. Colonia Juarez was settled as one of eight Mormon Colonies in Mexico in the late 19th century

Between Two Worlds

Riding the Train up to Colonia Chuichupa, Train from Casas Grandes to Chuichupa, Mexico, Summer, 1987

Riding the Train up to Colonia Chuichupa
Creator: Robert Whetten 

Front-Back, Cynthia Whetten, Bert Whetten, Nina Taylor 
Train from Casas Grandes to Chuichupa, Mexico

Summer 1987 

(Robert Whetten Collection)

Between Two Worlds

The First Bull Fight in Casas Grandes, Rancho Alegre, Casas Grandes,  September 15, 16, 1946

The First Bull Fight in Casas Grandes
Creator: Soto (the main photographer in Casas Grandes)
This was the grand opening of the sports arena and bull fighters were brought in for the event.

Madelyn Hatch, Vera Pratt 
Rancho Alegre, Casas Grandes, 
September 15, 16 1946 

(Vera Pratt Collection)

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