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Frontera: Male Athletes

Centralized guide to all EPCC's local history publications, videos and guides and sources for local history topics

Male Athletes

Bailey, Jerry Coronado High graduate, nationally known horse jockey  

search in Ebsco Discovery Service below using the terms jerry bailey and jockey

Baty, Buryl  famed coach at Bowie High killed in an automobile accident. 

Beem, Rich  golf pro from El Paso/Las Cruces

Brown, Charles "Charlie" first African American basketball player with Texas Western College in 1956 (now UTEP).

  • member of El Paso Athletic Hall of Fame and UTEP Hall of Fame. 
  • Search El Paso Times  Newspaper archive database (link below) for "charlie brown" and basketball.  There will be a bunch from the late 1950s and then in spurts afterwards.  sort by relevance to find the most meaningful near the top. 

De la Rosa, Manuel  beloved administrator and coach at the Boys and Girls Clubs in the 1950s-1960s

Haskins, Don  famed coach of the 1966 Miner's Football "Glory Road" Team

Hawkins, Fred. 1st PGA Golfer from El Paso 

Hill, Bobby Joe,  leader of the all-black Texas Western team that won the 1966 NCAA championship ​

Irrobali, Ventura "Tula" UTEP basketball player 1940s and local amaeteur basketball leagues, co-founder athletic director with Father Rahm at Our Lady's Youth Center in Segundo Barrio 
Combine with research on Our Lady's Youth Center in Potential Topics Organizations tab

Martinez, Kiko and J.  Olympic basketball players from Segundo Barrio
Montes, Javier  Olympic track star from Bowie High. 1968 graduate

Richardson, Nolan nationally known African American basketball coach

Subia, Alfredo and his brother Florentino "Lico" Subia, veterans and boxers

Trevino, Lee very famous golfer who was discovered in El Paso. Look in Ebsco Discovery Service and other general databases.  If searching for newspaper articles, use "lee trevino" and (golf*)  to eliminate a lot of articles that mention places on the street named after him. 

Boxing in El Paso

Search these prize fighters in the historical newspaper database linked below. 

"Australian Billy" Smith / Charles E. Matthews-- Boxing champion, Rough Rider with Teddy Roosevelt and El Paso detective and more

Acosta, David

Garcia, Rafael  Boxing cutman who worked with Merriweather

Herrera, Tony   Prizefighter from Segundo Barrio.

Lazcano, Juan former world title contender

Mata, Reyes  longtime trainer

Payan, Mike boxer

Payo/Ortegon Brothers -- boxers and WWI veterans. known in boxing world as Cipriano ( 'cip or Chip) Payo and Gene Payo

Rivers, Joe boxer

Vasques, Mike  Prizefighter from Segundo Barrio. Southwest Featherweight Champion 1920s

Yaqui, Joe wrestler from Segundo Barrio

Research tips

Note details that might seem insignificant at first glance, in case one finds other information later.

Women's information is often found through researching the men in their lives (i.e. husband, fathers, etc.) so the notes here might only state that Mrs. X was married to Mr. X who was important for some reason, but in researching him, there might be information about his wife found later.

Research full text of local newspaper articles back to 1881 in this database available to EPCC users and in person in EPCC Libraries: 

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