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Frontera: Men Performers

Centralized guide to all EPCC's local history publications, videos and guides and sources for local history topics

Male Performers

Abraham, F. Murray Hollywood actor raised in El Paso and attended Texas Western..   UTEP Magazine 2009; Oral hIstory Interview with Dr. Leech

Alejandro, Cesar   actor/director/writer

Cassandro (Saul Armendariz) professional lucha libre/Mexican wrestler

  • recent documentary

  • attended Bowie high school, lives in El Paso. 

  • Search Discovery for terms: cassandro and lucha

Chapman, "Uncle" Roy  Children's performer on KTSM and at the Plaza downtown in the 1930s-1960s

Eurich, Howell  Local Bozo the Clown whose sidekick was a dog named Puffy Little Cloud. He committed suicide. 

Lucas, Ronn ventriloquist  El Paso Times  Hometown stars list

Moreno, Ruben movie star from Segundo Barrio

Renteria, Joe  Actor, writer, producer.  Bowie Outstanding Ex

Roland, Gilbert (born Luis Alonzo) actor in Cisco Kid movies from the1940s.

came here as a child, left as a teenager, died 1994. 

Tellez, Rudy UTEP graduate top TV producer of the Johnny Carson show. 

See Fall 1970 NOVA magazine (UTEP)  article with photos (takes a long time to load)

Research tips

Note details that might seem insignificant at first glance, in case one finds other information later.

Women's information is often found through researching the men in their lives (i.e. husband, fathers, etc.) so the notes here might only state that Mrs. X was married to Mr. X who was important for some reason, but in researching him, there might be information about his wife found later.

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