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Comics and Graphic Novels: Northwest Library: Creating a Graphic Novel

Use this guide to explore and search the Comic books and the Graphic Novel collection at the Northwest Library as well general history of the genre, research resources, awards, interviews with famous artists/writers and El Paso writers/artists & publisher

How to Write a Graphic Novel - You Can't Do This in the Movies

How To Make A Webcomic You'll Actually Finish (Even Though I Didn't Finish Mine)

What I Wish I'd Known About Comics

Search Gene Yang: Creating a Graphic Novel

GRIMOIRE NOIR graphic novel - behind the scenes chat

What Makes A Good Character Design?


Tips for Writing a Graphic Novel with Andre R. Frattino

4 Time-Saving Tips (from a guy who spent 13 YEARS drawing a comic)

Your Comic is Too Big

GOOD vs BAD Character Design: Tips and Tricks!

Jazza: fun with art and creativity

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