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 Mrs. Jenna Welch speaks at the dedication

of the Jenna Welch & Laura Bush

Community Library at EPCC's Northwest Campus in 2005

EPCC remembers Mrs. Jenna Welch (1919-2019) whose love and passion for reading has impacted our students and community. Her loss is deeply felt but her legacy lives on. In 2005, EPCC’s Northwest campus library in partnership with El Paso Public Library was named the Jenna Welch and Laura Bush Community Library. The library in collaboration with the Canutillo ISD honored Mrs. Welch by creating the Jenna Welch Family Literacy Program in honor of her example of reading to others. She always took time to visit El Paso and was always willing to take the time to read to our students. “I remember her visit to the Northwest Library which is named after her. During her visit, she shared her passion for encouraging children to read and the importance of reading aloud to them to stimulate their imagination,”

Lorely Ambriz Head Librarian at the Jenna Welch and Laura Bush Community Library recalls “In 2005, we presented a scrapbook to.her about the library and her memories made in Canutillo where she grew up. She was thrilled to see photos of the yellow brick house she lived in as she flipped through the pages.”