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Remote Resources and Live Support for Distance Education: PREP Program

Resources for faculty and students to successfully transition to remote teaching and learning.

What is PREP?

Pretesting Retesting Educational Program (PREP) can help you achieve your educational goals!

The PREP Program can help students prepare for the TSI placement exam, TEAS, and offers Supplemental Online Instruction for students currently enrolled in available courses. Our mission is simple, to help students achieve SUCCESS in their academic endeavors.

PREP Boot Camps

Free TSI BOOTCAMPS TO PLACE COLLEGE LEVEL:  The PREP Program offers TSI Boot Camps to assist EPCC students who would like the opportunity to improve their placement scores and/advance to college level! The Boot Camp sessions are free, interactive, engaging, and have proven to be a very effective resource for those students who attend all sessions. Many students place into College Ready courses after attending a TSI Boot Camp. Our friendly and professional faculty spend quality time in the classroom providing instruction and helpful skills to prep students for the placement test.

OTHER Free BOOTCAMPS TO PREPARE FOR EXAMS REQUIRED FOR RANKING, FOR NURSING AND OTHER HEALTH SCIENCES:  PREP also offers other Boot Camps for our ranking students in the Health Sciences such as Nursing, Surgical Technology, Pharmacy Technology, Dental Hygiene, Respiratory Care, Medical Sonography and many others.

CONTACT US at: TO SIGN UP FOR A FREE BOOT CAMP: If you are interested in enrolling for a TSI Boot Camp, please contact any PREP Program Advisor to get you signed up and placed on the official Boot Camp class roster. Participants will receive login credentials and additional instructions regarding their Boot Camp session(s).

PREP Online Boot Camp Schedule – Boot Camps will re-start this summer in May 2020 and will be online. You will receive instructions when you enroll for your Boot Camp. All Summer Boot Camps will be offered online only. Visit link below to receive the latest updates on our EPCC PREP Boot Camps.

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Edgenuity Online Courseware – (Free Online Test Preparation) for ISD and EPCC


Students! Looking for a free, flexible and convenient way to prep for your placement test? EPCC PREP is here to help! Get on board with “Edgenuity.” This free online resource can assist you in preparing for your TSI college placement test.  Easy to use, engaging and highly compatible with all platforms.  Contact us at: to start accessing Edgenuity right away!

NOTE:  EPCC Students seeking to prepare for ranking in Nursing and Health Science programs:   Edgenuity can help nursing majors prepare for the TEAS ranking exam and for the TSI exam for Health Science majors. To get started, contact one of our PREP Program Student Advisors below.  Helpful tip, before you call us, make sure you have your EPCC ID# ready. We’ll take care of the rest!

EPCC and ISD Faculty can help students benefit from PREP!

EPCC Faculty teaching developmental education and/or college level support courses (DE Co-Requisites) can assign free (reading, writing, math) content modules via Edgenuity to their EPCC students as supplemental academic support. Edgenuity can strengthen skills and understanding of classroom content. PREP can assist faculty with student retention.  

Partnering ISD’s can benefit from Edgenuity to STOP COLD TSI TESTING at their schools. Some ISD’s are currently using Edgenuity for those students who desire to improve their placement test scores. Edgenuity is free and students can begin using the courseware in just a few days or less. Contact a PREP Program Advisor nearest you.  

What we need from you:

Contact a PREP Program Advisor at any of our locations below

Provide a class roster of your students you want to use Edgenuity. Note: The students will need to have their Apply Texas ID number to access the course online.  This number normally begins with “800xxxx, or 88xxxxx.  

Maintain contact with your PREP Program Student Advisor. That’s it!

Email us at: to be contacted by one of our Professional PREP Program Student Advisors

PREP Contacts

PREP Program Student Advisors  (Available - 8:00 am – 5:00 PM) 

Campus Staff Email Staff Email Staff Email Staff Email
VV Luis Prats
(915) 831-2449
Toni Granillo
(915) 831-2613
Evelynn  Estrada
Renzon Magallon
(915) 831-8893
Pablo Rivera
(915) 831-7132
Sandra Martinez
(915) 831-4147
Liz Saldivar
(915) 831-2822
Renzon Magallon
(915) 831-8893
(915) 831-2326

Email us at: to be contacted by one of our Professional PREP Program Student Advisors.

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