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Valle Verde Library - Summary of Collections, Guidelines/Practices, and Services: Library Friendly Behavior

Library Friendly Behavior

In order to create an optimum environment for study, research, and learning, Library patrons are asked to adhere to the following regulations:

  1. Noise. All of the areas of the Library are considered quiet study areas.
  2. Telephones: Library telephones are for staff use only.
    • Please silence your cellular phones, beepers, and other electronic signaling devices when entering the library. In the library classroom, the librarian may ask you to put all your electronic devices away. If you have any kind of emergency, please notify the librarian. Texting is not allowed in the library classroom.
    • Patrons are asked to maintain a quiet atmosphere in the library. Please speak softly.  If you have a bad connection and must speak loudly, please take your phone call outside of the library.
    The Library understands verbal interaction is necessary to conduct certain group activities, as well as conducting business at the circulation and other public service desks, however, Library patrons should be considerate of other students, faculty, and staff who are reading and studying by keeping voice and other sound levels as low as possible.
  3. Food and beverages. Food and beverages pose a threat to library materials and furnishings. Food and beverages can be left on a wooden shelf near the library entrance.  Bottle with tops that screw on tightly may be brought into the library.
  4. Use of furniture. Library furniture is for the exclusive use of patrons who are reading or studying. Couches and sofa chairs can be found throughout the library, patrons may sit to relax and rest while visiting the library. 
  5. Library materials. After using materials, please place them in the book trucks located on each floor. Items may also be left on the tables. Do not try to re-shelve materials or leave them where they can be damaged: on the floor, stacked too high, on the copy machines, etc.  Avoid monopolizing library print indexes and other reference materials if other patrons need to use them.
  6. Waste paper and trash. Patrons should clean up after themselves by placing waste paper and other trash in the waste receptacles located throughout the Library.
  7. While in the library, patrons are asked not to:
  • smoke
  • eat or drink
  • solicit (try to sell merchandise or services.)
  • stand on work surfaces such as tables, counters, desks, etc.
  • play music at a level audible to other persons.
  • physically, verbally or with gestures threaten, abuse, or assault another person.
  • be drunk or disorderly


Staff may call the campus police if any person committing any of these activities or engaging in other inappropriate behavior refuses to abide by the library policy.

At its discretion, the Library may exclude from use or revoke borrowing privileges for anyone known to have violated any rule in this policy.

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