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Valle Verde Library - Summary of Collections, Guidelines/Practices, and Services: Computer Use

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EPCC Students:

Use is OPEN access for E.P.C.C. students. This means first come, first served.


Community User:

Community users under age 17 are NOT allowed to use the computers unless they are accompanied by a parent or a guardian at all times. The computer will be assigned to the parent or guardian. Community users MUST request a computer, if one is available, at the front desk by showing a valid community user card and a picture I.D.

EPCC students and employees have PRIORITY of access.You may be asked to surrender your computer if a student needs it. Community users are advised to check for computer available at times more computers are often available:  After 5pm Monday - Thursday or on the weekends.  There is no community user access to computers, except for online catalog and library database computers, on Fridays.



  • Users must be familiar with the application they are running. There is no assitance available for software (i.e. Microsoft Office, etc.) The Library will only provide assistance in handling minor problems such as logging in, paper jams, or program selection.
  • Please do not save to the C: drive; use a flash (USB) drive for saving documents or email the document to yourself.
  • The Library cannot guarantee a virus-free environment and will not be responsible for loss of documents.
  • Handicapped students have priority of use on computers #46, 78,79, 80.
  • Computers reserved for class instruction have priority of use over any other, except library instruction classes.
  • No more than 2 clusters of computers can be reserved at one time. Only Faculty can reserve computer clusters.
  • The EPCC computer security system does not permit the download or upload of personal or class software onto the library's computers. Please make arrangements with computer labs [B120, A1721] to view/use your software.  Note, computer labs are only available to EPCC students or employees.
  • All work and printing must be completed 30 minutes before closing.


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