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RNSG 2308: Maternal Newborn Nursing: NeoFax/Pediatrics

This libgide will highlight resources helpful for students in Maternal Newborn Nursing.


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Downloading the App

Micromedex  and Neofax/Pediatrics offers Apps that you can download.

  • Go to library homepage:
  • Click on Online Databases
  • Click on Health and Medicine
  • Click on Micromedex (login with MyEPCC login/password)
  • In upper right corner, click on "Mobile Application Access."
  • When this page opens, click on "Micromedex Native Mobile Apps"
  • There are 2 separate apps for Neonatal and Pediatrics
  • Select the one you want and follow the directions.



Provides "evidence-based drug information, age and indication-specific drug-dosing calculators and enteral formula nutritional information to help improve medication safety and efficacy for neonatal and pediatric patients."  Goes through age 18.

How do I access?

  1. Go to the Library Homepage
  2. Click on Online Databases
  3. Click on Health and Medicine Tab
  4. Click on Micromedex and login with your MyEPCC login information.
  5. When database opens, click on Neofax/Pediatrics.
  6. On the purple bar, select either Neonatal or Pediatric
  7. Above the purple bar, you have a choice of Drug Monographs, Enteral Formulas, and Dosing Calculators.


  1. Select a drug from the list and it will provide all of the information about the drug including administration, dose, monitoring, adverse effects, and more.


  1. Select up to 3 formulas to view at a time.
  2. Product Notes tells you about the formulas.  How to mix with water or breast milk.  It also states the calorie content of the formula.
  3. Regenerate gives you the entire breakdown of vitamins, protein, energy, renal solute load, etc...


  1. Enter Birthdate, population type, and weight.
  2. Enter additional data if requested.
  3. Select Application leads you to select medication.
  4. Enter additional data if requested for use, route, orders, etc..
  5. Click on Calculate.
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