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INRW 0310: Library Basics Gomez: Websites

Provide an overview of Library Resources

Searching for Websites



The Internet has a lot of great resources.  It is important, however, to evaluate the website to make sure it has reliable information before using it in your paper.



Who is the author of the website?  Do they have a degree in the topic they are writing about?  Who are they affiliated with?  

(Look for author name, “about us,” “who we are,” etc… for this information)



How old is the information?  Has it been updated recently? (Look for the publication date)



Is the information biased?  Are they taking a side of the issue and trying to push their opinion or trying to sell you something?  Is it fact or opinion?  It is important to use unbiased sources for informational papers. 



Is the topic fully covered? What is the purpose of the webpage?  Did they author state where they got the information?



Lastly, do not use Wikipedia as a source for your academic papers.  Most instructors will not allow it to be used because it is not always accurate and may not have reputable authors.

Search Suggestions for Websites

If you don't find what you need on one of the websites provided, try using google.

Go to

  • Enter your keywords in the search box.
  • Limiting your search to .edu, .gov,  or .org helps you to find more reputable resources.
  • To limit your search, do the following;
  • Put your keywords in the search box
    • Example:  Nutrition
  • Add the following site:  and then put whatever type of website you would like to search (.gov, .edu, or .org)
    • Example:  Nutrition  This will limit your search to government sites only.
    • Example:  Nutrition  This will limit your search to educational sites only.
    • Example:  Nutrition   This will limit your search to organizations only
  • You can also search a specific website.
    • Example:  Hurricanes



 Hot Topics

Website from St. Ambrose University providing links to reputable websites on various controversial issues.


Choose a subject heading or use the site Search engine to find national public opinion polls on hot topics

Provides pros and cons, history, timeline, and more for 42 controversial issues.

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