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INRW 0310: Library Basics Gomez: How Do I Get Started?

Provide an overview of Library Resources

Choose a Topic


  • The first step is to choose a topic.

  • What words are you going to use to search?

    • Reading Comprehension

    • Writing Skills

    • Grammar

  • What kind of library sources do you want to find?

    • Books

    • eBooks

    • Magazines

  • What is your teacher asking you to find for your assignment?

    • Books? Articles?



Keyword List

After you find a topic and look for background information, try coming up with a list of keywords you can use to search books, articles, and websites.

These will be words you can put together to search for your topic.


Reading: Can add words like comprehension, skills, improvement (Example:  Reading Comprehension)

Writing: Can add words like skills, process (Example: Writing Skills)


If you use words to search and don't get any hits, first check the spelling of the words and then try changing the words you are using.

Teacher's Corner: Making Grammar Fun | American English

Background Information

Once you find a topic to research, you will want to look for background information.  Background information provides you with an overview of your topic.  You can find out the key topics, issues, people who are associated with the topic, etc...

This gives you a good background on the topic before you jump into researching.

A good resource to use for background research is Credo Reference.  This resource provides you with information on a number of topics.

You can also search the internet for information on your topic.


Sources for your Assignment

When you have an assignment always make sure you know what kinds of resources you can use and if there is a limit on how old they can be.

eBooks, Books, Journals, Magazines, Newspapers

If your topic is recent, make sure you find updated information as things change fast.



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