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Evaluating Online Sources


Hello, my name is Adrian Morales. I’ll be your guide throughout this six-session class on evaluating online sources. To get an understanding of this topic, we’re going to investigate related concepts, including: How big is the internet? What is the web? What is library anxiety? What is digital citizenship?  What are scholarly vs popular sources? What are some methodologies for analyzing information? What is fake news? …and more!

The lessons seek to answer some essential questions:

Lesson 1:

Essential Question: How do you conduct research, or searches online, for information on something?

Lesson 2:

Essential Question: How do you evaluate and gather information? 

Lesson 3:

Essential Question: How do you consider different points of view? 

Lesson 4

Essential Question: How do you share information, stay safe online, and interact with others in a digital environment?

Lesson 5

Essential Question: How do you evaluate your information product?

Lesson 6

How do you give positive feedback, or criticism? Why is it important that we consider this?


As you can probably tell, you will be researching for information and putting it together to create something. Three common assignments we see at the Valle Verde Library are 1) career research papers, 2) “controversial issues” papers (or a position paper) and 3) Informative papers. You will choose from one of these options: a) Research a career,  b) research a “controversial” topic, c) research a topic of interest. Next, you undergo a research process and then, finally, put it together.

I am happy that you are in my class, and look forward to being with you throughout this journey. Thank you!

- by Adrian M. Spring, 2020

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