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Fashion Technology: Subject

This Libguide will assist students in finding helpful resources related to fashion.

Searching by Subject

A subject search is different from a keyword search.

In a keyword search you can enter any words in the search box and it will look through all of the books trying to find these words anywhere in the catalog.

In a subject search, however, you only put the main idea of your topic in the search box.  The computer looks at what subjects have been assigned to each book/video to try and match the topic you put in the search box.

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Step by Step Subject Searching

To search for books and videos using subjects:

  1. Go to the Library Catalog.
  2. Click on Subject
  3. Enter the main idea of your topic in the search box. (Example: Cyberbullying) Or the main idea with a sub-heading as found in the Subject Suggestions box on this page. (Example: Cyberbullying Prevention)
  4. The catalog will look at the subjects that have been assigned to all of the books/videos to find matches for your topic.
  5. A listing of subjects matching your topic will be listed.
  6. Look through the subjects to find those that are related to your topic.
  7. Click on the subject and a listing of books on that subject will be retrieved.
  8. Click on the title of the book you would like to see.


Don't put an entire sentence in the search box!

Don't put keywords with the word AND in between.  That only works for keyword searches.

Subject Searches only use very specific words that have been assigned by librarians.

 Ask for Help if you have problems!


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