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Pharmacy Technology: Job and Career Accelerator

This guide will help you find resources for your Pharmacy Technology classes.

Job and Career Accelerator Database

Job and Career Accelerator is a great database offered by the EPCC Library through TexShare Databases.  This database provides resume and job letter assistance. Helps you search for jobs and internships and even helps you prepare for interviews.


Creating an Account

You will need to make an account. 

  1. You can do this by going to the library homepage
  2. Click on “Online Databases.”
  3. Click on “Career & Testing” tab.
  4. Click on “Job and Career Accelerator”.
  5. You will need to make an account.  Your user name is an e-mail address and the password is 8 to 32 characters.



Once you log in, you can click on the word "Centers" which is on the blue bar across the top.

Select from Career Center Plus or Job and Career Accelerator.

Career Center Plus provides you with "Preparing for Allied Health Exams"

Click on this to find Pharmacy Technology preparation tools.

Click on Job and Career Accelerator to find job searching, resume, and interviewing information.


My Center

MY CENTER:  When you are signed into the database with your account, it remembers which tools you have used and the tests you have taken. 


  1. On the blue bar at the top, you will see your name. 
  2. Click on the down arrow next to your name
  3. Click on “My Center.”  If you started or completed a test or tutorial, it will be on this page for you to go back and complete or review. You will also find eBooks, flashcards, and courses you have used.
  4. There is a listing of choices across the top of the page such as ebooks, tutorials, tests, career dashboard (resume, occupation matches, saved jobs) and more.
  5. Select the one you want to review.
  6. For tests, click on Tests.
    1. If you want to review any of your tests that you have completed, click on the + next to the test name and it will show you the score. 
    2. Click on the + on the scoring page and you can review your answers and see how to get the correct answer, see a breakdown of the score report and get referrals to additional resources for study help.
    3. If you have a test or tutorial in progress, you can click on the name of it, then click on the arrow to the right of the “last access” information.
  7. All of the different choices work the same.  You will click on one of them and either resume, download, place in recycle bin, or various other choices depending on the resource selected.

Job and Career Accelerator

Build Resumes and Job Letters:  Learn step-by-step to create job search letters or a resume.

Find a Career Match: Interest and Skills quizzes for occupation matches.

Explore Occupations: Provides job information for different occupation categories such as in-demand, green economy, military, or by occupation group.

Search for Jobs and Internships:  Search over 5 million postings for jobs and internships

Prepare for an Interview: Provides interview skills and learn to write thank you and follow up letters.

Career eBooks Library: Provides eBooks on various career fields.

Discover Schools and Scholarships:  Search tools for scholarships and schools that match your needs.

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