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Critical Thinking Upgrades

A place to find some “thinking tools” to evaluate and analyze news and information.

An update is available for your mind.

This is a place to find some “thinking tools” and strategies to evaluate and analyze news and information.

For example, are you feeling overwhelmed by the bombardment of information? Are you feeling sick from the news (becoming fearful of the world around you)? It could be a case of Negativity Bias (our automatic oversensitivity to bad news) or Mean World Syndrome (our tendency to think the world is more dangerous than it really is after watching violent news content). Do you find yourself agreeing with most every information item that you come across? It might be a case of Confirmation Bias or social media algorithms hijacking your attention.

Additionally, do you, or someone you know,  share information without fact-checking it first? Do you ever come across images or headlines and wonder if they are true or not? Some strategies to explore these issues are offered here.

If you’re wondering what it is that you don’t know about your thinking, or how to think your way through different information sources, this guide might be useful to you.

Use the tabs to explore topics and browse through librarian-gathered resources that are meant to give your mind an information literacy upgrade!

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