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Chrysalis: Literary and Arts Journal: Latest Issue

EPCC student run literary and visual magazine

Our Vision

Chrysalis is an annual magazine published by El Paso Community College staffed by undergraduate college students that features visual art and literary work in English and Spanish. Chrysalis publishes work by EPCC’s students, faculty, and staff, and by writers and artists of all ages from the border community.

Central to the vision of Chrysalis is the invaluable training we provide to our students. Our editors, who are current or former college students, play an instrumental role in selecting the pieces on these pages. They have an acute understanding of the student experience and a deep appreciation for the creative processes that drive our community.

Chrysalis issue

Cover to Chrysalis 2023

Cover image: “A Flower Blossoms for Its Own Joy” (front) and “A Head Full of Fears Has No Space for Dreams” (back) by Sage

Click on the image or on the link below to enter the 2023 issue.

Chrysalis Editors

Chrysalis Editors 2023

Managing Editor

Alex Ureño 

Fiction Editors 

Anastasia Ortíz 

Alex Ureño 

Nonfiction Editors 

Caira Rodríguez 

Jesús Enríquez 

Poetry Editor 

Joshua Hernandez 

Spanish Editors 

Anastasia Ortíz 

Elvira Gutiérrez 

Submissions Manager 

Alison Velásquez 

Faculty Advisor 

Minerva Laveaga Luna


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