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Medical Assisting Technology: APA Citation Style

Resources and links for the Medical Assisting Technology Program.

Citing Book Sources

Book by a Single Author:

Ramont, R. P. (2012). Comprehensive nursing care (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle

     River, NJ: Pearson.

Book by Two to Seven Authors:

Landrum, R.E. & Davis, S. F. (2010). The psychology major: Career options and

      strategies for success. Boston, MA: Prentice Hall.

An Article in a Reference Book with No Author:

Licensed practical nurses. (2011). In Encyclopedia of careers and vocational

     guidance (15th Ed., Vol. 4, pp. 185-188). Chicago, IL: Ferguson Publishing. 

An Article in a Reference Book with an Author:

Wexler, B. (2006). Liver function tests. In The gale encyclopedia of nursing and

     allied health (2nd Ed., Vol. 3, pp. 1582-1586). Detroit, MI: Gale.


Lucas, R. W. (2003). Creative training idea book: Inspired tips and techniques for

     engaging and effective learning. AMACOM Books.  Retrieved from 

Citing Online Articles

Online Magazine Article:

Sanburn, J. (2011, December). Getting yours. Time, 178(24).

     Retrieved from

Online Journal Article:

White, E. (1987). Projected changes in breast cancer incidence due to the trend

     toward delayed childbearing. American Journal Of Public Health, 77(4), 495-

     497.  Retrieved from

Online Journal Article with DOI (Digital Object Identifier):

Andrén-Sandberg, Å. (2011). Pancreatic cancer: Animal model and molecular

     biology. North American Journal Of Medical Sciences, 3(10), 441-450.


Citing Websites

Author, A. A. (Date of publication). Title of Page/Document. Retrieved from URL

Sanchez, G. K. (2011). Learning to use nursing resources at the library. Retrieved from

*If there is no author, begin with the title, then date, then url.




Some quick hints about APA citations:

Authors names are Last Name, First and Middle Initials. Do not use the whole first or middle name.

Only the first letter or proper names in the title of the item is capitalized.  You also capitalize the first letter that occurs after punctuation such as a colon, question mark or exclamation point in the title.

If the book has an editor rather than an author, put (Ed.) after the author's name.

Italicize titles.

If the citation is more than one line, indent the rest of the lines.

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