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Chicano Resources: Hints & Instructions

Libguide on Chicano Resources

Use the Online Catalog to Search for Books

El Paso Community College Library Online Catalog

Our online catalog is used to search for books, DVD's, and other material housed at EPCC libraries.

Keyword Search

Use a keyword search to find information on certain "keywords" associated with your search. For example if you are looking for "Latino immigration issues in the United States." Try a keyword search like immigration, border communities, Latino immigration.

You may also use the advance search to narrow and/or limit your search results. For example if you are looking for "information on the Chicano movement during the 1970's," try an advance keyword search like "Chicano movement AND History."

Subject Search

Use a subject search to find information on certain subject areas associated with your search. For example if you are looking for information on the "United Farm Workers struggle in the United States," then try searching for "United Farm Workers."

Subject Search is also good for when searching for famous persons, like "Dolores Huerta," (type last name, then first name).

Title Search

Title search is used to search for a title of a book. Just type in the title and the system will let you know whether or not we carry that book.

Author Search

An author search allows you to search for books written by an author. Remember to type the authors name in this order (last name, then first name).



Begin Slowly.

Don't put an entire sentence in the search box!

Try different keywords, great time to pull out a Thesaurus.

Put one word and then search.

Then add another word.

This way if all of a sudden you don't get any hits, you know you should take the last word added and change it to something else and vice versa.

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