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El Paso Community College
Library Research Guides

Librarian Subject Specialists

List of faculty librarian subject specialists by Area of Study who purchase material for the Libraries' collection and support teaching faculty.

Transversal Subjects/ Support materials Librarian Specialists


Transversal Subjects / Support materials

Library and Information Science

Campus specialists:   Diana Olivares (ASC), Norma Ballenger (MDP), Lorely Ambriz (NW), Kristin Sanchez (RG), Carlos Humphreys (TM), Oscar Baeza (VV)

College Ready/Subject Specific Exam Guides

Campus specialists:   Diana Olivares (ASC), Norma Ballenger (MDP), Lorely Ambriz (NW),Tony Rodarte (RG), Carlos Humphreys (TM), Oscar Baeza (VV)


Languages (ESL and Foreign)

Campus specialists:  Tony Rodarte (RG) and  Debi Lopez (VV)

Local El Paso History - Borderlands

Campus specialists: Rachel Murphree (NW)  and Marsha Labboda (RG)

Reading and Writing Skills

Campus specialists:  Norma Ballenger (MDP), Lorely Ambriz (NW), Tony Rodarte (RG), Lourdes Garcia (TM),Caty Valtierra-Piñón (VV)

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