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GOVT 2306 - Article review (Aurora Borunda): Home

Guide for Texas issue article Review assignment

Search Terms

Choose something you're interested in.  Search it and then add "AND texas" to your search string.  

Sample search terms to try to get you started! 

  • wind turbines
  • solar power
  • LGBTQ rights
  • voter suppression
  • abortion law
  • electric grid
  • women's health
  • immigration
  • border patrol
  • trans rights
  • civil rights
  •  anti racism

Tools for Citing

Bias and Fact Checks

Voting Guide

Want to learn how to register to vote and how the voting process works?  Click on this link: 


Academic Search Complete  [Full Text | Ebsco | Off-campus access

The Atlantic

Time magazine

New Republic

The Nation (weekly)

Policy Review

National Journal


Christian Science Monitor

Washington Monthly

Congressional Digest

World Affairs

National Review

Example:  source: New Republic and keywords: voting or election.  Ctrl-F to find articles of 4 or more pages

Academic OneFile  [Full text | Gale | Off-campus access]

New York Times
Washington Post

Advanced search:  Publication title and keyword.  You can narrow down by document type:  article (rather than brief article)  and then scan for articles over 1000 words.

How do I figure out what journal title is in a database? 

Publication Finder  -- [Full Text | Ebsco | Off-campus access]

Find more databases at the Library's page:

Background Searching

Search steps

KEYWORD SEARCH your topic.   Use boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT to refine your search. 

  • AND will limit your search results. 
  • OR will widen your results. 
  • NOT takes away certain terms from your search. 

Think of it as ordering pizza.  I want pepperoni AND sausage but NOT pineapple.  (Pepperoni AND sausage) NOT pineapple. 

REFINE YOUR SEARCH by looking at the subjects or descriptors of the article and click on one to redo your search.

CLICK ON "ADVANCED SEARCH" to include the name of the publication and choose "SO" SOURCE" from the pulldown. 

CHECK LENGTH with ctrl-F to find either page length: 4p, 5p, 6p etc. in Academic Search Complete.  Ctrl F for 2, or 3, etc. in Academic One File (Gale) .  Remember 250 words is generally considered a page, so look for over 1250 words. 

SAVE or EMAIL or PRINT article and save citation in APA format.  

Plagiarism and why NOT to do it!

EPCC Policies

Avoiding Plagiarism: What do I need to cite?  (65 second video)


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