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This guide seeks to promote a general understanding of student activism.

Adrian Morales

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Adrian Morales
Adrian Morales
Librarian, Associate Professor

Valle Verde Campus Library| C307
919 Hunter Dr, El Paso, TX 79915

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I am the library liaison for:

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Email me if you have questions relating to these subjects (or need research help) or have book/resource suggestions.

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Student Activism


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Welcome to the EPCC Libraries Student Activism library guide!


The informational goals of this guide are modest:


- The student will explore student activism on college campuses.

- The student will explore the issues surrounding this topic.

- The student will learn some legalese terms and be able to read government-produced documents.



The behavioral changes this library guide hopes to affect are:


- The student will explore & develop an interest in the democratic process.

- The student will become engaged in campus life by joining, or starting, an EPCC Club (e.g., debate club).


Who is Doing the Selecting of Information for this library guide?


As far as this librarian's "campus activism" goes, (for example, from a post-positivist perspective, the act of choosing is a bias because one cannot separate values or other assumptions from the assessment tool, or the thing under investigation, and therefore, one can never truly be objective. Selecting information to highlight here might be limited by these assumptions and values, but most likely by what books our vendors carry, or don't carry.) my goals are to:


- Encourage students to become interested in pursuing more higher education (Maybe pursue a law degree or something that leads to a political office, like political science).

- Encourage students to learn and grow as students. 

- Encourage a habit of reading. 

Where to Start Learning About This?

Besides reading books on this, perhaps a good place to start to investigate this issue (and related issues) is to look at what the law says about this: 


Free Speech on College Campuses 

Section 51.935 of the Texas Education Code

Speech on Campus



Other Things to Consider:


Additionally, I am not a lawyer (and this is not legal advice), but I would be incompetent if I did not lay out some precautions for you:


- In your campus activism, if you choose to pursue this course, be safe.


Things to consider might include: campus policies and rules; your permanent academic and legal record; your privacy (what you post online might be viewed by potential or future employers to screen applicants); the commercial and other interests of others (Look up "surveillance capitalism." For example, will a company take your photo at a protest and use it in a database that is marketed- with you as the product- and sold to police enforcement for mass dragnet-type surveillance purposes?); your personal safety (I am thinking mostly at off campus events: people have been hurt, or worse, at protests); and ideological indoctrination (use critical thinking tools and critical faculties in order to avoid becoming ideologically indoctrinated). 


This library guide is a work in progress. Stay tuned for more info. 

Additionally, I see myself as a student as well, and I am still learning about this topic. Please contact me with suggestions for improving and/or learning more about this. 


The El Paso County Community College District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

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