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GOVT 2305 - Electronic Voting Brochure (Ms. Borunda): Home

Candidate research for Elections

Boolean Searching

Imagine you're shoe shopping and you're seeing what's out there!  

You want: Black OR Brown shoes -- AND they must be in a size 8 -- but you do NOT want heels

How do you set up the search string to get the most accurate results? 

OR give you more results

AND limits your results

NOT removes unwanted terms

Search Steps

  • SEARCH TERMS: "internet voting" OR "online voting"  
  • ADVANCED SEARCH: Use it as a descriptor or subject heading for more meaningful hits. 
  • NARROW FURTHER IF NEEDED: AND elections or "presidential elections"
  • SORT by relevance or newest, whichever is pertinent. 
  • EVALUATE viewpoint of source by using Media Bias Fact Check website,  googling name/organization or reviewing other articles in the issue. 
  • SAVE article with citation in APA style.  Consider using Noodle Tools to save and print citations.   


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