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Mexican American Experience: Student Engagement

Mexican American Experience

Mexican American Experience and Student Engagement

The Mexican American Experience engages students by showcasing their poster board projects. Founded in 2020 by professors Oscar Baeza and Steve Loera, the students create poster boards depending on the MAE topic that is being presented. In 2020, one of professor Loera's Sociology classes participated and put together posterboards about the topic of Education equality for Mexican Americans. The students were broken up into six groups and each group picked an Education Equality topic and put together a poster board. The students visited the library and were assisted by librarians on how to do specific research on this topic. The students then returned to the library throughout the semester and continued to do extensive research. The idea is to engage students in the research process. At the same time, students learn to collaborate with fellow student members and with faculty on their projects. In addition, students present their work during the MAE event. The poster boards are placed on tables for people to view and the students are able to answer any questions spectators might have about their research boards. In addition, the poster boards are displayed throughout the library during the semester, highlighting the student's work. 

This year in 2022, Professor Gilbert Silva, Education 1300 class will be participating in this semester's MAE event. Be on the lookout for some amazing work! 

If you are interested in your students participating in the MAE research project, please contact Oscar Baeza, at 915-831-2340 or 

Pictures of Student Poster Boards

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