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Frontera: Men in Politics

Centralized guide to all EPCC's local history publications, videos and guides and sources for local history topics

Why Use This Page?

There may not be a lot of information on a particular person but you can research several individuals who are in the same field or have similar interests.  If you're doing research on a particular topic, it helps to have lists of people who are active in that topic/field. 

Men in Politics

Aldarete, Isaac "Ike"  ward boss

Coleman, Ronald Long term congressman in US and TX state houses, pivotal in the creation of the Franklin Mountains State Park along with Humberto "Tati" Santiesteban (see below)

De La O, Chuy  political hero, supporter of the poor and impoverished. 

Most of the research will be in newspaper articles and interviews with people who knew him.

Hervey, Fred Mayor (1951-55 & 1973-75), founder of Circle K chain. 

McAlmon, George   Democratic County Chairman and proponent of civil rights and social services.

Miranda, Rene Mascarenas  Municipal President of Ciudad Juárez from 1956-1959

Najera, Manuel  TX legislator from the Lower Valley, responsible for Loco's Law against animal cruelty, US Customs officer and Alheimer's advocate

Pedraza, Miguel Sr. (1904-1988) governor of the Tigua Indians

Rosa, Mauro  1925-1993 First Latino State Representative from El Paso in Austin

Sanchez, Rogelio 1921-2006 Nine time County Commissioner representing the Lower Valley. 

Santiesteban,  Humberto Tati  Mexican American State Senator and Congressman from El Paso 1967-1991.

Shapleigh, Eliot  Former Texas State Senator

Williams, Bert  Mayor of El Paso who stood up to ASARCO and improved public housing

Democratic Party in El Paso

Democratic Party in El Paso

  • El Paso Times March 17, 1889 -- both parties conducted primaries shortly thereafter for the first time in history.  Krakauer vs. Morehead  1889, the first excursion into full-scale party politics.  fraud/corruption  Krakauer won (which we mention  in a Borderlands article on Charles Kelly), Republicans took city hall by siege, Krakauer was discovered not to be an American citizen, special election June 29, Democrat Richard Caples was installed and got his citizenship papers the day before the election. 
  • El Paso Times July 8, 1888, Democratic County Convention held yesterday.  Proceedings, delegates to be elected, Cleveland endorsed.  Party lines to be drawn.  4:2 3 columns.   These and other articles can be found with a free trial to website.
  • Be sure to go to the Border Heritage Center and look in vertical files for democratic party and/or politics. 

Research tips

Note details that might seem insignificant at first glance, in case one finds other information later.

Women's information is often found through researching the men in their lives (i.e. husband, fathers, etc.) so the notes here might only state that Mrs. X was married to Mr. X who was important for some reason, but in researching him, there might be information about his wife found later.

Research full text of local newspaper articles back to 1881 in this database available to EPCC users and in person in EPCC Libraries: 

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