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RNSG 2261: Clinical - Registered Nurse VII: Evidence Based Medicine

To provide information on how to find resources for your class.

What is Evidence Based Medicine?

When making a decision whether for patient care or a workplace issue:

  • Check to see if any new information has been found to improve on what we are doing
  • Take what the research found and combine that with the knowledge you have
  • Look at the individual needs of the patient or situation in front of you

Use this to make an educated decision


Presentation of Evidence Based Medicine to Find Resources for RNSG 2261

View the Powerpoint presentation below to find out more about Evidence Based Practice and the types of articles you will be using for this assignment.

Types of Evidence Based Articles Needed for this Class

For this class you will be asked to find nursing research articles that are either a Systematic Review, Meta Analysis, or Randomized Controlled Trial.

The following define the differences between these types of articles.

Systematic Review:  Not original research. Researchers try to answer a question by searching through the databases to find studies that have already been done on this topic.  Summarize all of the research and comes up with a conclusion.  (Searches the databases systematically, hence the name Systematic Review)

Meta-Analysis: Same as a systematic review, except they put all of the studies together like one big study and then use statistics to analyze it.

Randomized Controlled Trial:  Study with a control group and an experimental group.  If blinded, that means that the participant and researcher do not know which group is which. Randomized means participants were placed randomly into control or experimental group.


Why do we need Evidence Based Medicine?

You would have to read 628 hours a month to keep up with all of the new research.

Research is constantly being done to help improve all aspects of health care, whether it be patient care, care of the family, or improving the workplace environment, but it doesn’t always get used. This is where Evidence Based Practice can help.

Evidence Based Practice helps  to ensure that we are using the best information possible to care for our patients or improve the workplace.



What Kind of Sources Can Be Used as Evidence

What kind of sources can be used as Evidence Based  Practice?

Evidence can be found in all types of sources: journals, books, websites, etc…But there are different levels of evidence.  There is very strong evidence and then there is very weak evidence, with different levels in between.  When making a decision, you want to try and find the best evidence that you can.  Best is a strong study that was not biased and looked at a large amount of data. Weaker evidence may be taken from research that looked at only one person (case study) or research that was conducted with a small limited amount of data, more probability of bias etc..


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