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This guide features books in the Valle Verde Library including biographies of musicians/composers/performers/bands, history/criticism, guides on self-instruction/ teaching/marketing/business, and vocal/instrumental/film/digital/jazz/rap/musicals
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Search for Items in the Library via the catalog.


FEATURED: The Vietnam War: Its History, Literature and MUSIC/ Texas Western Press/ University of Texas at El Paso

The Vietnam War - Kenton J. Clymer (Editor)
Call Number: DS557.3 .V54 1998
ISBN: 0874042771
Publication Date: 1999-01-01
Chapter on Music of the Vietnam Era:

"In March 1996, "A Public Symposium: The History, Literature and Music of the Vietnam War," was held in El Paso, Texas. Nationally renowned experts on the Vietnam War offered lectures, poetry readings and music related to this turbulent era in American history. Although more than twenty years have passed since America's involvement in Vietnam, the participants in this symposium put forth deeply passionate and moving analyses of the topics they addressed." "The Vietnam War: Its History, Literature and Music is a compilation of the papers presented at the symposium. They cover a broad range of themes and ideas, but the overall thematic unity in all of these works is the trauma the war caused, both in Vietnam and the United States."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved


Typical searches on the Classic Catalog



Use the Boolean connector "AND" to find items with both search terms in the record 


1)  To find biographies of musicians: type biography AND musician, select "Valle Verde" and search.


2)  To find biographies of  rock musicians: type rock music AND musicians select "Valle Verde" or all/other   campuses and search.


3) To find books on composers of classical music: type composers AND classical music. 


In the field of music it is common to find items in various media: DVDs, CDs, printed music, books and eBooks. Type vocal music and you will find each of these. Notice that each has an icon to represent that format.

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Classic catalog Advanced search options

Select the Classic Catalog and Advanced Search in the blue box right screen:


1)  If you would like to find guitar music at the Valle Verde campus use these steps:

    Type "guitar" in the first search field select "Valle Verde" for location, use the material type drop-down menu to select "printed music" and submit.


2)  If you would like to find recordings of Beethoven continue with these steps:

     Select keyword and type "Beethoven", select "Valle Verde", select "CD", and submit. (It is interesting to listen to the same symphony or concerto by different orchestras and conductors). 


3)   To find a DVD of an opera:

       Type "opera", select "Valle Verde", select "DVD" and submit. 



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