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El Paso
by Rachel Murphree - Last Updated Nov 10, 2017
Articles on the history and culture of the El Paso, Juárez, and Southern New Mexico regions, comprising the states of Texas, New Mexico, and Chihuahua, MX. A unique resource of faculty edited college student articles on the US-Mexico border.
Borderlands Detective
by Rachel Murphree - Last Updated Sep 19, 2012
Step by step guide to researching topics of interest to the El Paso - Juarez, MX border region.
Borderlands Potential Topics
by Rachel Murphree - Last Updated Sep 19, 2012
El Paso Area Libraries and Community Information
by Kristin Sanchez - Last Updated Jul 22, 2016
Provides information on local libraries.
El Paso Community Resources
by Kristin Sanchez - Last Updated Feb 8, 2016
Provides contact information for various El Paso organizations.
Historical Markers Project
by Rachel Murphree - Last Updated Jul 24, 2017
Survey of thirty-three historic sites in the El Paso area, with research materials, interviews, and summary materials.
QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan): El Paso Resources and Service Learning Agencies
by Lorely Ambriz, Oscar Baeza, Lourdes Garcia, Manuel Herrera, Rachel Murphree, Becky Perales, Tony Rodarte, Kristin Sanchez - Last Updated Jun 9, 2017
This LibGuide will help you "Learn about the Community as a CommUNITY" through the use of the EPCC Libraries or other community resources.