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Architectural History
by Kerry Ann Gardner - Last Updated Sep 18, 2017
Historical Film Analysis - Dr. Melissa Esmacher (NW)
by Lorely Ambriz - Last Updated Nov 7, 2017
Online and print resources to analyze historical films or videogames set in historical eras, to explore its utility as a tool to teach/understand history.
History - Dr. David Raley
by Norma Ballenger - Last Updated May 30, 2017
Electronic and print resources for History research available online or at the Mission Library.
History - Jessica Diaz
by Norma Ballenger - Last Updated Sep 12, 2017
Research Guide for Jessica Diaz' History classes.
History - Juan Garcia
by Norma Ballenger - Last Updated Feb 15, 2016
Research Guide for Juan Garcia's History classes.
History - Primary Sources
by Olga Sanchez - Last Updated Jul 27, 2017
This guide has links to sites of electronic copies of original documents, facsimiles, photographs and maps. Created originally by Erin Cassidy, Newton Grisham Library at Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX.
History - William Fling
by Norma Ballenger - Last Updated Feb 9, 2015
History 1301 & 1302 Professor Conklin
by Oscar Baeza - Last Updated Feb 17, 2015
Professor Michelle Conklin El Paso Community College History Class 1301 & 1302 resource guide